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At Encompass-CX, we’re offering a scalable B2B customer experience management application that collects, measures and analyzes all the touchpoints in a clients lifecycle to determine customer health. By measuring these touchpoints we provide clarity into your accounts, products, and services making it easier for you to go beyond satisfaction and power a differentiated client experience.

Gain Real-time Visibility

Gain clarity into customer data with our cloud-based dashboard and allow visibility to those who need it.

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Grow Your Business

Increase revenue, identify cross-sell opportunities, reduce churn and turn at-risk clients into your best customers.

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Create Happier Customers

Ensure the perception of your product and service exceeds your customers’ expectations.

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Brad Rinklin

“We tried other methods of gathering client feedback and sentiment in the past, but had little success,” said Brad Rinklin, CMO, Eze Software. “Encompass-CX helped us expand our focus and in doing so, we recognized we needed better tools to measure client feedback consistently and gather insights that would drive change across the organization”.

Brad Rinklin, CMO Eze Software Group

The #1 Customer Experience Management Application for B2B

Our application helps businesses of all sizes across multiple industries unify customer data and use it to drive revenue. We help everyone, regardless of role, understand how to improve and grow their business.

Patented Data Modeling

Our patented data modeling tool turns feedback data into actionable insights highlighting issues impacting customer health and growth.

Fact-based Data Streams

Our Open API and easy integration with cloud-based systems allow you to integrate key data points in one location

Perception Data Library

Using our survey library gives you a quick and easy way to gather perception data that feeds directly to the data modeling engine

Analytics and Reporting

Use our analytics and reporting tools to highlight insights that will have the greatest impact on your customer health.

Action Planning

Create tasks and build action plans that result in making a change to your CX program.

Engine for Growth

“We want to build a foundation for growth with client feedback built in.”

Improve Communication

“We hope to trigger more communication with customers around certain business areas.”

Customer Health Dashboard

“We want to get a pulse check on our less vocal customers.”

Repeatable Processes

“We want to develop a repeatable client engagement program in tandem with implementation of other new processes to promote and support growth.”

Actionable Insights

“We need actionable insight so that we can work to retain customers when it comes to renewals.”

Discover How We Fuel Success

Encompass-CX delivers real-time visibility into the data impacting the overall health and growth of your business.

Because breaking down data is vital to understanding your customer’s experience and drives a more informed conversation. The more data, the more accurately you can predict and protect your customer base.


Customer Experience Success

Barrett Distribution Centers Logo

“We needed more insight,” according to Tim Barrett, and insight is what he got. After using Encompass-CX, the company learned that several clients were frustrated with issues related to poor communication. One customer needed help with handling product returns and creating an electronic ordering system.

“We found out where we really stood with a customer,” Tim says, “and what they wanted us to change.” After using Encompass-CX for one year, Barrett achieved a 50% revenue increase and built a foundation for satisfying customers that would lead to gains year after year.


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