Customer Experience Management

Our customer experience management white papers cover years of insights that come from over 1 million industry data points we’ve collected from our B2B customers. We’ve converted this data into easily digestible information to help you carve a path for converting customers into motivated buyers that maximize your share of wallet and reduce churn.

Leading for Loyalty
Leading For Loyalty

Turning B2B clients into loyal friends takes more than just having satisfied customers. Read this Encompass-CX white paper to learn more.

Interpreting the F Word
Interpreting The “F Word”

In B2B sales, we often ignore what our clients are telling us when they say they’re “fine.” We assume things are ok, but we’re actually at risk of impacting our churn rate.

Create Willing Buyers
Creating Willing Buyers

Why are willing buyers so important? Customer motivation levels directly affect your share of wallet & client retention rate. Just take a look at our success stories.

Create Relationship Excellence
Satisfied, But Not Entirely.
Create Relationship Excellence.

Customer satisfaction surveys provide data, but not the entire client relationship picture you need to create up-selling & cross-selling opportunities.

Managing Corporate Culture

Learn to manage your culture. We’ve identified 4 steps that manage corporate culture & improve employee motivation, behavior, & performance.

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