Supply Chain and Logistics

Tie Your CX Practices to
Revenue, Renewals and Retention

Fuel Growth

Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, buyer readiness and improve user productivity.

Reduce Churn

Accurately pinpoint customers who view you as transactional and are poised for churn.

Lower Cost to Serve

Gain clarity into customer data leading to faster decisions and quicker time to market.


Fuel future innovation by looking at how customers use your products and services.

We deliver proven results

At Encompass-CX, we’re making it easier for businesses in the 3PL and supply chain and logistics industry to gain clarity into all aspects of their accounts, products, and service teams by offering a scalable software application that collects and measures customer data and delivers real-time visibility into renewals, revenue and retention.

80% of Customers Identified Awareness Gaps

65% of Companies Successfully Upsell & Cross-Sell to their Existing Customers

89% of Business are Soon Expected to Compete on Customer Experience

Higher Profit Margins

Our customers see 2x higher profit margins after implementing a customer experience tool.

Greater Retention

Retention rates grow 4x when at-risk customers are identified and issues resolved before they churn.

Increased Share of Wallet

Our customer’s report more growth opportunities and a 3.5x greater share of wallet.

Less Work

Businesses spend 40% less time reacting and course correcting issues within their customer base.

tim barrett barrett distribution centers

“We needed more insight. We found out where we really stood with a customer and what they wanted us to change.”

How Encompass-CX Works

Measure Engagement with Accuracy

Our tools help businesses drive awareness of their customers’ experience while helping meet and exceed ISO 9001 customer satisfaction survey requirements.

Performance Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility and break down your business by region, team, and service to identify blind spots impacting growth while creating a culture of excellence.

Ignite Your Voice of the Customer (VoC) Programs

Access to open-ended feedback allows you to identify trends, establish benchmarks as well as reach out to customers for referrals, case studies, references and more.

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