Why Invest in the
Customer Experience?

Reduce Churn

Accurately pinpoint which customers view you as transactional, require attention and are poised for churn.

Increase Revenue

Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, buyer readiness and improve user productivity and increase share of wallet.

Build Strong VoC Programs

Collect data in real-time to help you quickly and easily improve the overall customer experience.

Power Product & Service Innovation

Fuel future innovation by looking at how customers use your products and services.

Go Beyond Customer Satisfaction

At Encompass-CX, we’re on a mission! We want to help companies go beyond customer satisfaction by using data to power a different customer experience. Encompass-CX is a Customer Experience Management application designed to collect data from disparate systems with the single goal of measuring the overall customer experience.

Our technology provides real-time visibility into the health of your accounts, products and service teams, along with meaningful insights and automated actions that can be used from the executive level boardroom to customer facing teams.

We believe organized data leads to organized action.

Perception and Fact-based Data

Encompass-CX provides a truly unique look at the overall health of your customers. Our application collects and measures both perception and fact-based customer data.

So, what is the difference between perception and fact-based data? Perception data is traditionally information gathered about your customers from surveys, usually via email. While fact-based data are pieces of information gathered from support tickets, emails, and/or phone calls logged in your CRM, for example. These various streams of information about your customers are brought together and measured through our action engine to provide insights about your customers that otherwise go unnoticed.


Determine Customer Health

Discover, through our one-of-a-kind scoring metrics, accurate customer experience metrics, built to determine buyer intent and at-risk customers.

Customer Experience Platform
Measuring Client Relationships


Improving the customer experience means fewer issues to resolve; which ultimately leads to fewer resources needed, and a decreased cost to serve.


Follow the adage everyone’s in sales? Our platform breaks down how you measure the customer experience to ensure positive action is taken.

Customer experience

Better Understand
CX Management

Discover how our technology can help fuel your marketing and sales efforts and is the smarter approach to measuring the customer experience.

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