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ngenuity payments journal
Customer Experience

salesEQUITY is now Encompass-CX!

Read the press release announcing the launch of Encompass-CX.


salesEQUITY: Customer Experience Management for Those Who Need It Most

Read this VentureFizz profile on salesEQUITY to better understand how we improve engagement in the B2B world.

ngenuity payments journal

ngenuity Payments Journal: Is it Possible to Know if Your Customers are Dissatisfied Before They Walk Out the Door?

Building and maintaining a business relationship is hard, whether you’re an issuing bank, merchant, app developer or any other player in the payments space. Read this salesEQUITY article to better understand how to improve engagement in the B2B world.



VentureFizz announces the arrival of our Chief Technical Architect and VP of Engineering, Eric Hedman!

Eric Hedman Appointed Chief Technical Architect and VP of Engineering at salesEQUITY, Inc.

salesEQUITY, the industry leader in B2B customer experience management, strengthens its technical expertise with the appointment of software leader Eric Hedman as Chief Technical Architect and VP of Engineering.

What Does Trust Have to do with Customer Journey Mapping?
by Christine Crandell

CEO Tom Cates discusses the six measurable dimensions to trust building between advisors and clients with Christine Crandell of

salesEQUITY, Inc. Honors Barrett Distribution Centers Employees with 1st Annual salesEQUITY Trusted Advisor Award

Barrett Distribution Centers awards its top performers with the salesEQUITY Trusted Advisor Award honoring employees devoted to understanding their clients and creating Trusted Advisor relationships.

CMS Wire Customer Experience Management

Why Your Client Relationship Measurement Needs Coaching

The business world is changing dramatically and, in many ways, is taking advantage of scientific methods to enhance the functions of sales, marketing and account management. Within the B2C marketplace, big data and analytics are continuing to play an increasingly…

tsys merchant solutions

Mind the Gap: When Buyer and Seller Perceptions Don't Match Up

How well do you know your high-value clients? According to your sales and account management teams, the relationships are going well and your clients would say the same.


How to Come Back from Losing an Important Client

It’s important to understand why client loss happens and what you can do to prevent it. Tom Cates, our Chief Storyteller shares a hard learned lesson of losing a big client on VentureFizz.

crm xchange

salesEQUITY Ups the Ante on Client Feedback and Account Planning

As we continue our journey to improve and grow B2B client relationships successfully, we’re proud to announce on CRMXChange the release of our latest product enhancements, which strengthen account teams’ ability to measure, analyze and take action on their existing relationships.


How to Succeed as a Startup Founder & CEO

Founding and leading 2 startups to success have been the ultimate reward for our CEO, but growing a business has its challenges. Recently, Tom Cates shared 5 pieces of advice for aspiring startup CEOs and founders on VentureFizz.

the sales evanglist

Why You Need to Build Equity with Your Clients and How

Building equity is the differentiator your business needs to get ahead of the pack. Tom Cates sits down with The Sales Evangelist to explain why you need to build equity with your clients.


The Importance of Personalizing Business Relationships

Why are your favorite companies your favorite? Tom Cates explains how your favorite companies understand the importance of personalizing your business relationship with them.

tsys merchant solutions

TSYS Talks: Breaking Out of the Pack in the B2B Space

Total System Services (TSYS) hosts our CEO for a quick discussion on how B2B companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors during their live talk show.


salesEQUITY: "Storytelling" Transforms Client Experience

Tom Cates tells Jill Gregoriou at VentureFizz how we’re transforming the client experience through storytelling.


4 Types of Clients & How to Keep Them Coming Back

Tom Cates breaks down the 4 types of B2B client relationships that exist and tells VentureFizz his best practices for getting clients to come back to you.

heinz marketing

“How I Work”: Tom Cates

Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, sat down with our very own Tom Cates and asked him a series of fun and interesting questions about how he works. Check out what Tom said.


5 Things That Marketing Leaders Do to Inspire Deeper Customer Engagement

Tom Cates tells MarketingProfs how great customer engagement is emotional, intangible, and profitable by performing 5 inspiring actions everyday.

Destination CRM

Redefining the “M” in CRM

The final piece of our 3-part blog series on Destination CRM is in! Tom Cates, our CEO, finishes explaining the human side of CRM in the B2B space by redefining the “M” in CRM.

sales and marketing management

Understanding Sales Equity

What is Sales Equity? Read our latest article on Sales and Marketing Management’s blog to learn what it is and how it develops untapped revenue potential.

Destination CRM

Putting the 'R' in CRM

This piece is a follow up to our Introducing the ‘C’ in CRM article, which belongs to a mini 3-part blog series found on Destination CRM that defines what each letter in CRM means to your business relationships.

B2B Growth Podcast

How to Avoid the F-Word in Business

In this podcast, our Chief Storyteller joins B2B Growth and shares how to build trusted B2B relationships with your customers and how to avoid the F-word in business.

Destination CRM

Introducing the 'C' in CRM

Tom Cates, our CEO shares his extraordinary knowledge on customer relationship management on Destination CRM. This blog kicks off a 3-part series that begins explaining what the ‘C’ in CRM means.


The 'F-Word' in B2B Relationships contributor, Aaron Orendorff, writes a brilliantly clever article on our CEO’s discovery of the “F-word” and its impact on B2B relationships.

small business digest

Savvy Sales. More

Our CEO joins Small Business Digest on BlogTalkRadio to discuss modern day solutions to retaining B2B clients.


Talent on the Move: Lindsay Kalmakis

VentureFizz announces the arrival of our Director of Customer Success: Lindsay Kalmakis!

boston business journal

People on the Move: Lindsay Kalmakis

Boston Business Journal lets Boston know that our Director of Customer Success: Lindsay Kalmakis has arrived!

sales initiative

4 Things Your Sales Team Must Do To Retain Customers

Our CEO, tells Sales Initiative’s audience the B2B customer success formula that sales teams must follow to retain their customers.

business solutions magazine

4 Reasons Your IT Sales Team Is Losing Customers

Tom Cates, CEO and Chief Storyteller, tells Boston Solutions Magazine how IT sales teams are losing customers every single year.


Turning Client Defection into Client Perfection

Our CEO shares his knowledge on turning client defection into perfection with CustomerThink.


Talent on the move: Seth Puri

VentureFizz announces the arrival of our Director of Sales: Seth Puri!

n>genuity journal tsys

Interpreting the "F-Word" – A Litmus Test for Loyalty

Tom Cates, our CEO, shares with our client TSYS that hearing the “F-word” requires immediate action.

selling power

How salesEQUITY Is Measuring Customer Loyalty To Drive Revenue

Our CEO sits down with Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power, to discuss our game-changing Customer Experience Platform.

CIO Review

salesEQUITY: Building Customer Loyalty And Trusted Partners

Tom Cates, CEO of salesEQUITY, shares with CIO Review the answer to building long-term customer loyalty.

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