Customer Experience Management


Explore our datasheets! They cover topics from how we work, to the value of a Trusted Advisor, to a sample Relationship Assessment Report.

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Encompass-CX offers a scalable software application that collects, measures and distributes customer data and provides clarity into all aspects of a company’s accounts, products and service teams making it easier for businesses to gain real-time visibility into revenue, renewals and retention.

Encompass-CX Infographic
The Encompass-CX Infographic

Download our CX Infographic and better understand the who, what, where, when and why of measuring and ensuring customer success.

Customer Experience Management
Moments of Truth

Our Moments of Truth (MoT) feature gives your business and team instant control over what, when, and how you establish important client touch points. Giving you powerful insights and perspective into business activities and account trends that impact your bottom line. Explore more.

customer experience management
The Value of a Trusted Advisor

At Encompass-CX, we built our Customer Experience Management application on quantifying the value of creating Trusted Advisor relationships. Explore more.

The Impact of Client Perception on Your Revenue

Encompass-CX collected customer-feedback data using our CX Management application. Based on this data our solution predicted the health of each relationship and gave clients a CX score. Learn more.

customer experience management
What Buyers and Sellers Actually Think

Encompass-CX collected captured, measured, and analyzed the perceptions of buyers and sellers towards each other, and here’s what we uncovered. Read more.

CX Management
Your Expected Results

Customer experience (CX) management and the who, how, why, and your expected results. Explore more.

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