If you’re here, you already know that you have a problem

Whether it’s a reliance on legacy technologies, a data communication breakdown between teams, a slipping engagement with your customer base, or a loose strategy for how to grow in an increasingly competitive market—you’ve come to the right place.
The thing is, you may already have the existing data streams to revitalize all of these potential problem points. Now you just need the right tools to
access and clarify the customer insights in the metrics.

Legacy technologies

– hindering growth

Communication breakdown

– between teams

A slipping engagement

– with your customer base

A loose strategy for how to grow

– in a competitive market

That’s what we do. It’s what we’ve figured out over ten years of trial and error with customer experience research. We’ve done the work and stumbled repeatedly so you won’t have to. In that time, we’ve come to realize that focusing on established B2B companies, like yours, is where the CX industry, at large, is weakest, and where our software works best.


Using machine learning algorithms to measure client experience based on a combination of behavioral, psychographic, and fact-based data is a mouth full, but the statistics prove that it works. We can show that with the right CX tools, organized data leads to organized action that can deliver real-time clarity to the health of your customer relationships, predict future customer engagement trends, and positively affect your bottom line.



Benefits Administration Company Identifies Unique Motivators.

The Encompass-CX Management application helps DS Benefits increase retention and over-all customer lifetime value.
FM Global
Global Financial Services Company Breaks out of the Pack with Encompass-CX
The Encompass-CX management application improves the sales process, drives behavior change and increases retention to 96%.
National Distribution Center Exceeds Projections with 75% Growth in First Year
The Encompass-CX management application improves the sales process, increases retention rates and cross-sell opportunities, and grows revenue after first year.


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